Area: Paternoster

views-Abalone Pool Villas||sea views-Abalone Pool Villas||Lounge-Abalone Pool Villas||exterior Abalone Pool Villas2||exterior Abalone Pool Villas||Exterior -Abalone Pool Villas||Entrance-Abalone Pool Villas||dinner at Abalone Pool Villas||Cocktails-Abalone Pool Villas||breakfast at Abalone Pool Villas||bath -Abalone Pool Villas||Abalone-Pool-Villas-999x1024||Abalone Pool Villas||Abalone Pool Villas- dining table||Abalone Pool Villas exterior||Abalone Pool Villas breakfast||Abalone Pool Villas 5 star||Abalone Pool Villas - views from bdedroom||Abalone Pool Villas - pool at night||Abalone Pool Villas - bedroom||Abalone Pool Villas - 2nd bedroom||21-Spa-treatment-at-Villa-585x368||06-View-of-Villa-1-and-2-585x368||05-Villa-1-Breakfast-585x368||2nnd beroom - Abalone Pool Villas||01-Villa-1-views-585x368
Echoing the vibrant decadence of boutique Abalone House & Spa, the 5 star Abalone Pool Villas epitomize the finest self-catering accommodation in the village


ZAR 3000 -

ZAR 12000