Room: Seven

Bespoke Cape Town Villa - interior
An exquisite luxury villa located on the border of two of Cape Towns favourite relatively wind-free suburbs, Fresnaye and Bantry Bay. The jaw dropping


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Constantia View is uncompromisingly luxurious. Nestled on one of the green hills of Constantia, it boasts uninterrupted panoramic views of the valley and beyond.


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Views from Bedroom -Thyme & Tide||Thyme & Tide||Thyme & Tide staircase||Thyme & Tide kitchen||Thyme & Tide bedroom||Thyme & Tide beach house||Thyme & Tide beach house pool||Thyme & Tide beach house lounge||Thyme & Tide beach house exterior||Thyme & Tide beach house exterior 2||Thyme & Tide - dining area||Luxury Thyme & Tide beach house||Holiday rental Thyme & Tide beach house||exterior Thyme & Tide
The Villa is perched on the dunes with magnificent views of the sandy beaches.  This house has state of the art finishes and is


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The house interior||The House 6||The House 5||The House 3||The House 4||The House 2||The House 1
This 7 bedroom en-suite property is uniquely situated below Victoria Road (Beta Road) 50m from the trendy and secluded Bakoven beach.  This is an


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This exquisite multi-level Atlantic Seaboard villa is situated on the slopes of Table Mountain, high up in Camps Bay. There are 7 bedrooms set


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Situated high above the Atlantic Seaboard on Bantry Bay’s prestigious Arcadia Road, Bantry Bay Mansion gazes out over the Atlantic Ocean’s sparkling waters and


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Welcome to 100 Geneva, this seven bed villa is built over two levels; the upper level consists of a large open plan lounge, dining


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