In Cape Town, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches. Whether you’re in search of a quiet day spent by the water or a buzzing spot to surf the waves, the Cape Peninsula offers something for everyone. To help with the decision-process, we’ve shortlisted some of the top beaches that every visitor must experience:


Camps Bay beach is the beach to see and be seen. Boasting some of the most beautiful views and people, it’s likened to the St Tropez of South Africa. The white sands and sparkling waters are set against the iconic Twelve Apostles mountain range making it truly unique in its situation. With a palm-tree lined street reminiscent of the famous Beverly Hills, it is undeniably one of the hottest seaside locations to visit. The road running the length of Camps Bay beach boasts a diverse restaurant strip with an interesting mix of gastronomic influences. On any given day, you will see athletic young individuals involved in an energetic game of volley ball, bold surfers, attractive sunbathers and enthusiastic Frisbee games. Being quite protected from the wind, the sea is often calm and thus ideal for swimming and other water activities making it well-suited to family outings.


Clifton actually consists of four picturesque beaches that flow seamlessly into each other divided only by the natural large boulders. With each beach (Clifton 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) attracting their own crowds, it allows for individuals to choose their ideal seaside experience. Clifton is unique in the way that each cove is sheltered and somewhat secluded from the adjacent beaches. The shore is reached via long, steep stairways reaching down from the main road so be prepared for a decent walk before finally reaching the beach. Make sure to take along a picnic basket if you don’t fancy having to walk up and down the stairs to get some eats for the day. Clifton 4th is the biggest and most popular beach with convenient facilities such as toilets, outdoor showers, lifeguards, rental umbrellas and sun loungers and the welcome vendors walking around selling cool drinks and ice creams. With the ever-present yachts bobbing on the ocean, the beautiful aquamarine waters and the white pristine beaches, Clifton is one of those attractions for the bold and the beautiful.


This little gem of a beach is one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets. Small and secluded it takes just a few minutes to walk from one side of the shore to the other. Framed by stunningly large boulders, Llandudno is the ideal location for a quiet seaside getaway. Especially suited to families, it’s a popular spot for picnics, and sundowners. The picturesque horizon is interspersed with surfers, swimmers, stand-up paddlers and kayakers. Set within an exclusive residential suburb, there are no restaurants or shops nearby so make sure to pack a delicious picnic basket, bring an umbrella and relax in the natural surrounding beauty.


Boulders Beach has one thing very unique about it that none of the other tourist attractions have – penguins! Boasting a free-roaming African penguin colony, it’s a true highlight for visitors of all ages. There is an entrance fee per person but it’s an experience well worth paying for. Many visitors have had the opportunity to swim amidst the penguins but be sure not to touch them – as cute and cuddly as they seem, their beaks are sharp and not something to contend with. As the name suggests, the beach is surrounded by large boulders that dominate the shoreline. It’s a popular beach with families as the soft sand and large smooth boulders make for a dream seashore destination for kids.

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