The soothing sounds of the ocean shore are sure to put you in the holiday mood. That’s the beauty of Cape town, and there’s no better way to drink it all in, than with a tiny umbrella and a colourful drink on the beach. Cape Town is littered with rooftop bars for just that reason! To narrow down your options here is a definite top choice to visit


chinchilla - rooftop bars

address: Victoria Rd, Camps Bay
telephone number: +27 21 286 5075
hours: Monday—Thursday: 4pm–10pm, Friday—Sunday: 12pm–10pm

As you can see bright blue sky’s right beside the big blue, just as promised. This lovely little slice of paradise is the Chinchilla. It features all the top local DJ’s for that South African twist on the pub experience. A must stop on the coastline tour to sample the Cape town night-time culture. So, either sit back, relax and sip away on a slow Sunday, or grab a dance partner and hit the floor on a Friday night.

But if you are looking for a cold one during the week, then definitely check out…

Cloud Nine

cloude Nine - rooftop bars
photocredit: Hotel Cloud Nine

address: 12 Kloof Nek Rd, Cape Town
telephone number: +27 21 424 1133
hours: Monday—Sunday: 1pm–11pm

This luxurious bar is above a spa for the days you especially need to unwind or earn brownie points from the misses. The second story status of this bar places it firmly above many other bars and high enough to really lose yourself in the view. Don’t believe me, while if a 360° view of the Cape town sunset doesn’t change your mind then nothing will. 

Next up and completely out of the ballpark is…

Tjing Tjing Rooftop

tjing tjing cape town - rooftop bars
photo credit: Tjing Tjingabout rooftop

address: 165 Longmarket St, Cape Town
telephone number: +27 21 422 4920
hours: Tuesday—Saturday: 10am–10.30pm

This rooftop bar’s cultural blend of traditional and modern decor will leave you in awe. You will feel as if you were dropped off in Japan thanks to a photo backdrop of Tokyo and shrine inspired theme. The mix of electronic and indie music will also keep you pumped. Tjing Tjing is unique and stylish to say the least. Go and try their wide selection of wine, bespoke, cocktails and otsumami for an amazing night, and enjoy them while breathing in the fresh Cape town air.

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