Capetown undoubtedly is one of the top cities for tourism and should sure be on anyone’s tourist destination list. From the beautiful ambiance to the weather, mountains, oceans, and amazing scenery, you sure bet Capetown is the place to be. There are a lot of Must See and Must do things. However, in this article, we would be bringing to you one of Capetown’s finest conglomerate of history, the world wonder, and adventure. This is nowhere other than the Citybowl! Are you looking for that go-to list of awesome destinations around Capetown? Then sit back, grab a popcorn, and enjoy the ride.

City bowl is situated right at the heart of Capetown and earned its name from its nature shaped amphitheater. This is because the region is bordered by high peaks which include the Table mountain, Signal Hill, Lion’s head, and Devil’s peak. The City Bowl is home to some of the iconic institutions in the state and is also the economic capital of Capetown. Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, the city bowl has got you covered from fancy restaurants, clubs, eateries, art galleries, museums, luxury hotels, to historical centers. Here’s a quick rundown of interesting places to visit in the City Bowl to get a feel of its scenery, history, and culture. 

Hiking Lion’s Head

What better way to enjoy the unique scenery of the city than seeing the city bowl from way up there. There are exciting tours you can take to Table mountain, Signal’s Hill, and Devil’s peak that helps you appreciate nature more and see the city from am uncomparable aerial view. For fitness enthusiasts, you can hike, use a bicycle, a scooter, and if you are totally for leisure then you can enjoy the cable car. However, Lion’s Head would be our focus.

Lion’s head is a living testament to Capetown’s wonderful topography. It offers a beautiful view of Table Bay, the Atlantic ocean, and the city. Sitting pretty tall at 669 meters above sea level, Lion’s head has become a great destination for foreigners and locals alike. The hike generally takes about four hours and is best done in groups along with a tour guide. During the tour, you can stop at Watchman’s cave for a picnic and some selfies. 


Iziko South African Museum

Are you up for a South African history lesson? Then the South African Museum is where you need to be. Established in 1825, this museum offers a unique insight into South Africa’s past. It houses important archaeological, paleontological, and zoological collections. It is opened from Monday through Saturday, as it offers a plethora of national history, ancient art, and marine life. You would find rock paintings by bushmen, the astounding 20.5-meter whale skeletons, and African wildlife as a whole.

The museum has a whopping 1.5 million scientific specimen, fossils collection which are about 700 million years old, plus a virtual exploration of the universe, atom and the human body. This is the perfect blend of history and a research center at its best. This is a must-see! If you are a huge fan of history you can also check out the South African National Gallery, Ba Kaap Museum, and District Six Museum.

Photocredit: Iziko Museum


Bo-Kaap is a town located on the slope of the Signal Hill. It is a historical center for the culture of the Malay people, it was also formerly called the Malay quarters. It showcases the culture and lifestyle of the early Muslims. One huge attraction is the fancy colored buildings that have made it a huge attraction for tourists. Another is its rich cuisines, the Malays have been known to have special recipes which are also thought in practical cooking classes. Learn how to make special dishes like bobotie, bredies, dried fruits, meat, and chicken curry. You can also enjoy a tour of the settlement giving you better insight into the people and their culture.

Colorful homes along one of the streets in Bo-Kaap’s historic Cape Malay quarter in Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa along the hills at the base of Signal Hill||||||


For that unforgettable experience and cherished memories, make a visit to City Bowl high on your travel list, it is more than worth every penny as you will be taken down its rich history lane and enjoy its environs. Other worthy visits include the National Parliament, Cape of Good Hope, as well as V&A Waterfront. 

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