Cape Town Day Tours and Marine Sports in Cape Town- Exploring Gansbaai Eco-Friendly Shark Cage Dive & Cape Peninsula Tour

Cape Town offers amazing tour options and Cape Town Day Tours to tourists seeking a whole new adventure experience. Churning out a detailed compilation on the available marine sports in Cape Town  would make quite an extensive research finding. In this article, however, I will narrow the scope down to two notable marine sports in Cape Town-Gansbaai eco-friendly shark cage and Cape Peninsula Tour.

Gansbaai Eco-Friendly Shark Cage Dive

Gansbaai is the right place to behold nature’s overwhelming wildlife beauty-underwater. You stand the chance of getting proximity view of the ocean’s most fierce top predator when doing one of Cape Town Day Tours, this time in an eco-friendly cage dive. Swim with the sharks side by side for the first time in the deep blue ocean without getting in harm’s way with the cage dive experience in Gansbaai.

Cape Town Day Tours - Shark Cage Diving
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The experience with the cage dive in Gansbaai also comes as a learning curve to first-timers as they will be tutored by on-board marine biologists equipped with ample fun facts about marine life generally. The presentation begins before the dive and thereafter so as not to kill the fun. Tourists are also giving a treat which includes hotel pick-up, an engaging drive en route to tour destination, and a breakfast or lunch– in other words, “optional transfer” is inclusive in the package.


From the Great White House, guests will proceed to the harbor to get on board a shark-diving vessel mapped out for this very activity. The vessel is equipped with sufficient supplies such as drinks and snacks just to spice things up a bit. The vessel heads for Dyler Island which is about 20 minutes cruise from the Great White House. Once at Dyler Island the vessel drops anchor. Next, the visitors grab and put on dive kits as they gear up to face the adrenaline pumping encounter with the majestic great white sharks from the comfort and protection of a cage.

Cape Town Day Tours - Shark Cage Diving

Heading back to the starting point will take the visitors through shark alley; at this point, a warm bowl of soup is served. From shark valley to the rehabilitation center which is home to the endangered African penguin and ailing seabirds. It is noteworthy to emphasize here that the areas covered on this particular tour are pre-selected as options by visitors before the trip.

 Cape Peninsula Tour

One of South Africa’s notable coastlines is the Cape Peninsula. It offers an amazing vista into the convergence of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Be assured your fancy will be tickled as you cruise along the coastline, beholding nature’s beauty in just another perspective in Cape Town


You will embark on a half-day tour to witness one of nature’s finest and most conserved places on the surface of the earth. The Cape Peninsula is laden with rocky landscape stretching 75 kilometers into the area of the Atlantic Ocean, south-west of the African Continent. On the southern edge of the peninsula is situated the Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. The northern edge holds the Table Mountain which provides an amazing vision of Cape Town, South Africa.

Your tour along the coastline will start with a visit to the pristine beaches where you will see the iconic peaks of the Twelve Apostles. Next up is cruising to Hout Bay Harbor where guests will stand the chance of driving the stunning Chapmans as fondly called. Perhaps the most iconic site on this tour would be what is considered a remarkable engineering ingenuity engraved on the mountain from 1915-1922. The African Penguin Colony is another mind-blowing stopover for guests to witness the amazing life of these social animals. 

The trip concludes as guests visit the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve and afterward cruise through the remarkable wine area called Constantia before heading back to Cape Town. The Cape Peninsula Tour is no doubt one of Cape Town’s cynosures to the world and can invariably earn Cape Town the bragging rights as one of the top tourist destinations around the world.

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