A truly unique experience!

Enjoy a truly unique experience whilst you are on holiday in Cape Town. Face-To-Face Encounter in the Water with Great White Sharks.

Gaansbai is a great place where you can cage dive with Great White Sharks in South Africa.Clients can either self-drive or be picked up from their villas / apartments in Cape Town and surroundings.

Trip dates and times

Shark Cage Diving operates seven days a week, weather dependent, with the exception of 25 December and 1 January.

We recommend that you book your dive for the earliest date possible and allow for an alternative date/s in case rescheduling is required. This may be necessary in the case of adverse sea and/or weather conditions.

Shark Cage Diving & Viewing Trip

Book with Us and go an Epic Shark Cage Diving Tour in Gaansbai.

Destination: Gansbaai

Duration: 1 day

Price: From R1,850

Adult divers: From R1,850

Non-divers (viewing on board): From R1,600

Children (12 years and younger, viewing on board): From R1,050

Transport: From R400

Private charters available on request.

Get your adrenalin pumping with a shark cage diving trip where you will be closer than ever before to one of nature’s most astonishing creatures.
WSDC operates 1 to 3 cage diving trips per day, with trip meeting times ranging from early morning to midday.

Trip and transport times

The duration of the excursion from your time of arrival at our premises to your time of departure is approximately four and a half hours. The time spent at sea from launch to return to the harbour is approximately 2 – 3 hours, and the exact dive/cage time as well as the number of dive sessions differ from day to day, depending on shark activity and sea conditions. When making your booking, please ensure that you have the full day available for this excursion as we cannot guarantee start or finish times in advance.

Travel time from Cape Town is roughly 2.5 hours.

If you opt to make use of our transport service, collection times will be confirmed on the day prior to your trip.

*Exact times vary due to seasons, tides, sea and weather conditions, number of daily trips, shark activities, etc.

The final/24 hour weather and sea report will be reviewed on the day prior to the dive and the trip time schedule and subsequent transport pick-up times will be advised via e-mail on the day before the dive.

Details of the experience at sea

Great Whites are surface feeders and shark activity takes place on and just below sea level.

No scuba gear or diving certification is required as the free-floating cage is attached to the side of the boat. Great Whites are extremely sensitive to vibrations, and therefore scuba gear/oxygen tanks deter them from coming close to the boat. Thus the use of breath-holding is the most effective method of enjoying close encounters with the sharks.

You will spend approximately 2.5 hours at sea. The cage is an 8-man cage and groups of divers spend roughly 20 minutes in the cage during their first dive session; thereafter divers take turns for subsequent dive sessions. Exact timing differs from day to day, depending on shark activity.

The number of passengers on White Shark is limited to 22, which allows each diver more cage time and a personalised on-board viewing experience.

When you are not in the cage, on-board refreshments can be enjoyed while viewing the Great Whites and other sea life from the upper deck.

What is included and available

· Pre-trip meal and beverages on arrival. Light continental breakfast for morning trips and lasagne & salad meal for mid-day trips

· Boat ride to the dive site for shark cage diving and close sightings of the magnificent Great Whites.

· All diving equipment including wetsuits, masks, hoodies and booties.

· Underwater digital cameras are available for hire, including SD card of your footage to take home, for ZAR350.

· The service of our experienced crew, including our highly experienced skipper and talented on-board videographer.

· An on-board cooler snack box containing refreshments for self-service.

· Viewing of the video footage of your trip, with the option to buy the recording on a USB drive at ZAR350.

· Post-trip meals and beverages before departure. Lasagne and salad lunch for morning trips and vegetable soup with fresh rolls for mid-day trips.

· Alternative meal options for clients with specific dietary requirements, by prior arrangement only.

White Shark Diving has a 95 – 98% sighting success rate through the year, however, please bear in mind that sightings of wild animals can never be guaranteed. In the unfortunate event that you do not have shark sightings during your trip, they will provide you with a voucher (valid for two years) allowing you to join them for another trip free of charge on a date of your choice (availability dependent).

White Shark Diving Co is a registered and fully compliant shark cage diving operator. They are a founding and ongoing member of The Great White Shark Protection Foundation and a certified member of GreenLine, a Heritage Environmental Management Company. They have been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence award for the last 3 years running.

Your support enables us to contribute to the constant research and protection of the Great White Shark.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information or assistance.

Trips can be booked with us or directly with www.sharkcagediving.co.za

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